Necro Files 3000

Necro Files 3000 123movies

Watch Necro Files 3000 123movies: 20 years to the day, and the murders are starting again. Murders so GHASTLY, so HORRIFYING, so utterly DEGENERATE, that it can only be the work of a ZOMBIE CANNIBAL RAPIST. Phineas Hogweather is an investigative journalist. He is also the witness to MURDER. After stumbling upon a live webcam attack by what appears to be the Necro Files Zombie from 20 years ago, Phineas hooks up with occult authority Professor Blackthorn. The two reluctant heroes chase the bloodthirsty creature around the globe and back, culminating in an explosive climax that pits the Zombie against the Pentagon's deadly Killbot 9000.

Genre: Movies / Horror

Actor: Matt Hundley, Matt Jaissle

Director: Matt Jaissle

Country: USA

Necro Files 3000

1 142

14-11-2018, 13:28

Duration: 65 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

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